Friday, February 22, 2013

EVE online: Comment in a post

Someone replied to a post Mabrick made and said he scams/awoxes for the fun, for the endless tears coming from players that will never be able to hurt him back.

After which TurAmarth ElRandir said:

"What, in the context of EVE Online, is a game?" and

"What reasoning, in such a 'game', makes it acceptable to willfully and intentionally cause emotional 'hurt' (his word, HE used twice) another REAL HUMAN player?"

Convince me… really convince me that intentionally and willfully causing another living human being, someone who is not in any way interacting with or threatening you, that to cause them emotional stress and intentional 'harm' (the end product of 'hurting' someone) is acceptable and proper in ANY venue at ANY time ANYWHERE and I will seriously consider changing my mind...

Please explain how you justify HURTING someone intentionally. I really do want to hear this and understand how you have determined that it is OK. While EvE is just a game, your personal ‘enjoyment’, the ‘thrill’ you feel and the ‘glee’ you have when you intentionally cause someone else emotional stress and anger, what you call “tears”, is just as real as your victims emotional reaction to YOUR willful act.

All griefers/gankers/scammers say that carebears need to quit crying like babies and ‘HTFU’ that it’s only a game… but you then go on and on and on about how WONDERFUL it made YOU feel to make them feel that pain… how the be all of your game is to make someone so upset that they quit playing EvE… and that somehow that is GOOD for the game. Go on… justify that utter bullshit.

Who has a problem here? The guy who has an emotional attachment to virtual stuff he spent many very REAL hours of his time virtually creating or the guy who has an emotional attachment to causing other people emotional stress and pain?

I mean if they really ARE that dumb and stupid (IE mentally challenged), then you ARE just a bully picking on, as he said, people who "...will never be able to hurt me back..." and if not... then what?

If they are not dumbass noobs, but reasonably intelligent young adults just like yourself who simply haven't played the "game" long enough to realize it's FULL of other real players who will lie and cheat and trick and scam and grief them every chance they get... then what are you?... just a guy playing a game? Still looks and sounds like a closet bully to me.

This is exactly why I have never scammed, ganked, griefed or any of the kind. That is not to say I will never do so though. I can easily imagine myself doing so just to prove myself I am capable of killing a miner before concord can kill me. Or some other reason. But I don't think I'd make it a habit.
After all, if I want a challenge, kill or loss, all I have to do is visit low sec or wormhole space and poke around a bit.

In Eve you can lose your assets. For most players that will be part of what drawn them to the game. Eve is not a theme park game, there is a risk of loss. That doesn't mean anyone seeks it.
I don't want to lose my ratting ship. I don't mind losing the a ship in a home defense fleet though, that's exactly why I have that ratting ship.
I am aware of the game rules though. If I mine in high I am aware I can be suicide ganked. I am also aware there are potentially 7500 other solar systems I could mine in.
Since I live in null I accept I can be killed by undocking even if I don't want to.

But the post above was not about people that understand the rules, it was about killing people that don't.

Is there a way to protect the players that need protection without making a theme park for the players that don't the same treatment?

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