Tuesday, February 5, 2013

EVE online: Catching up

Finally had time to catch up on some blog reading after being sick for a few days.

CCP Fozzie in https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=2482199#post2482199
Open up the use of Covert Cynosural Field Generators on any Strategic Cruiser that has the Covert Reconfiguration subsystem fitted, as well as on Blockade Runners. This means that the availability of covert cynos is consistent and simple. If you can jump through the bridge you can light the cyno.

Soon we will be able to use a blockade runner as miniature jump freighter. Gives us a nice chance to try out the jump mechanic without an expensive BOPS or capital ship.
Since only the Prowler has the ability to fit both a cloak and covert cyno would it be a good idea to speculate a bit with these? Or is the prowler market to small/locaked anyway?


In other news, the CFC/HBC war was averted, sov grind cited as the main reason. 
Shadoo of PL talks about a sov grind? I thought PL didn't want sov, why would they go though a grind then?
If you want fights just reinforce some POS/POCO or plant SBU's to draw out a defender?
And you don't have to grind your enemy into the ground, you can always accept surrender/vassalage.


Clones upgrade costs are not just an isk sink , they can also be seen as a way to force a player choice. Do I put all my SP in one character that is capable of multiple roles or do I specialize and train alts. A good example would a cyno alt that only needs low SP. Or a frigate focused character so your clone won't be more expensive as your ship plus fitting.
Clone cost could also be seen as a way to discourage clone jumping by podding.
I am not in favor of clone cost removal, although at least removal of insurance would balance out the isk sink/faucet a bit


More CCP Fozzie news!

As such we're working to ensure that each of these ships can fit a warfare link without sacrificing a bonused highslot. We eventually want links to be something you use on field and part of that will be ensuring that you can use links while also also enjoying the normal on-grid gameplay.

To get these highslots back we've moved the new slot on the Ferox from low to high, and given the Brutix and Drake the "double damage bonus fewer weapons" treatment.

Last time I complained about the fact that the caldari BC were left without utility high slots. Glad to see CCP agree that those slots have a function and are needed.

The drake and brutix had 7 bonused high slots, this will be reduced to 6 but with double the old bonus. So both go from 7 x 1,25 = 8,75 to 6 x 1,5 = 9 effective launchers/turrets (at skill lvl 5).
The drake gets locked even more into kinetic damage this way though.
Switching to another damage type meant you only lost the 25% damage bonus. Shooting anything else as kinetic will result in 50% damage loss.

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