Tuesday, January 29, 2013

EVE online: The POS as a home

Today our latest DLC pack – Home Turf – went live! Home Turf is our sixth DLC and brings with it the biggest addition to DC Universe Online since the launch of the game two years ago – Player Bases. Bases are a player-created and controlled space that can be used as a venue of self-expression in addition to being a place for combat.

Today I saw this advert on steam and I was reminded about http://syncaine.com/2013/01/17/mmo-housing-is-gameplay/ and the POS as a house.

Sony brings player housing as the biggest addition in two years. Obviously they expect this to draw players. I believe the POS as player housing might draw in more players for Eve Online as well.

Since I heard what the term POS stood for I wanted one. Then I heard what was involved. Then I wanted my own outpost since that seemed easier. Now I want something in between.

Everyone is affected by POS-es.
Anyone living in a WH will probably live in one.
Moon mining POS-es create materials needed for everything Tech2.
For jump bridges, as staging points.
For anyone doing serious research.
As storage space.
As a home.

A revamp might not affect the majority of the people that use the POS this way but don't manage it. And I believe CCP when they say the POS revamp is a massive undertaking and that they won't dedicate a single expansion to this.
That makes sense, they just said they wanted to switch from feature expansions to themed expansions. A theme ties everything together and helps with immersion.

If the POS revamp is such a massive undertaking then it's all the more important to start on it sooner rather than later. Make a start so you have something to show us for the winter expansion next year. Then summer 2014 it should be mostly done and another iteration with the 2014 winter expansion to  fix the myriad of problems that popped up.

Please improve POS refining to be competetive, or nerf station refineries to something like 85-95%.
Maybe this will impair mineral compression for transport as well, giving maybe a slight boost to the idea of mining locally if possible.
(The station refinery nerf is just a wild idea that popped up in my head, I am sure there lots of arguments against it.)

Improve POS refit options so people can refit their Tech3 cruiser, you know, those wormholes ships that you can't put together in wormhole space.

Give me a communications array to insure my ships even from wormhole space.

I want a pos as a small destructible station to differentiate them from the more expensive and permanent outpost. With limits on the number of players/ships that can dock. That uses janitors, exotic dancers, alcohol and tabacco besides just fuel blocks to keep online.
But modular of course. So you can add another ship hanger or maintenance array if you run out of space.

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