Wednesday, January 23, 2013

EVE online: Activity update

Just added my api key to eve-kill because I noticed none of my recent acitivity is showing up on killboards. Then I remember that my kills (and losses) do show up on zkillboard.

Joined one caracal fleet for a short roam on saturday (in a drake, I still have some and need to lose them before insurance expires). We chased two tengu's and an ishtar to a dead-end system. Got the Ishtar when it tried to leave the dead-end but the tengu's had logged off and we didn't have a prober with us.

The drake came out again on sunday to kill off a few Black Legion POS-es in Venal.
The drake does not enjoy the range bonus on missiles that caracal has and this leaves my drake with an 18km ham range. Luckily the POS involved were all small so I could orbit at 12-15 km and still hit everything. I just had to move around a bit when we incapped guns.

Manufacturing was about the only thing done this week. The most important thing to come out of production was a batch of scourge heavy assault missiles that I prompty forgot to put on market.

No time for a trip to high sec either so it's all just old market orders.

Down in liquid isk as well since I reserved some money to buy new ships and fittings for when I finish training medium tech 2 guns and bought 2 plex on the market to extend alt accounts.

Time to uninstall games that are not Eve.

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