Monday, January 7, 2013

EVE Online: Introducing myself - part 1

My name is Raziel Walker.
I am a carebear.
I live in nullsec.

Some people choose to blog more or less anonymously. Since it is easy enough to find out someone's ingame identity I have chosen not to hide anything including my alts. Since there was a time I put all my alts in a personal one man corporation they all are linked anyway.

So let's do a quick background check shall we.
So I started playing Eve in september 2009. Already there were training queues, the nano nerf was something of the past, wormholes and tech 3 cruisers had just been released. Dominion with its revamp of sov mechanics was jsut around the corner.

Just a couple of days old I joined a new corp that was actively recruiting newbies, Local Threat. Together with a horde of newbies we moved to providence and started mass training for merlins and blackbirds. Even though the corp was based on scamming newbies out of their ISK I remember this corp fondly for teaching newbies about fittings, teaching us how to earn isk by ninja salvaging and whelping a fleet of 50 frigates on a titan's AoE doomsday before it was nerfed to a single target weapon.

After some leadership disagreements about the future of the corp the majority split off and reformed as Salus Novus. We joined the United Front Alliance, RAZOR's renter alliance and moved to AH-B84. After a while I decided nullsc was not for me and moved back to high sec for some serious bearing.

Stuff happened, mostly boring bearing.

And eventually I joined my current corporation, Grey Templars. For a while I moved to NPC nullsec in Stain but I didn't like that since we were in a station without medical clones.
After some more time our corporation decided to join an alliance and that was Ushra'Khan.
This turned out to be a time of moving around a lot and I wasn't as active in participating as I would have wanted. Fun times but in the end Ushra'Khan went in another direction as Grey Templars and we moved to join Fidelas Constans in Branch.

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