Wednesday, January 23, 2013

EVE online: Gnosis

New ships have appeared on the test server, the gnosis (a battlecruiser) and five pirate faction rookie frigates.

The gnosis has a 6/6/6 slot layout with 5 launcher/turret hardpoints and bonuses to every weapon system and scan probes:
-25% bonus to medium turret damage (energy, hybrid, projectile)
-25% bonus to heavy (assault) missile damage
-50% drone hitpionts and damage (75 m3 drone bay with 50 mbit bandwidth)
-37,5% increase to probe strength
Plus being a battlecruiser it has the usual 99% reduction in CPU need of warfare link modules.

It doesn't share the usual resist profiles either. With resistances at 27,5% for shields and 32.5% for armor it has a true onmni resist profile. No tracking/falloff/optimal so it still has limitations in use but otherwise it's the most versatile ship we have seen so far.

The gnosis screams for use as an exploration vessel due to the probe bonus. Can this ship be used to draw in new players or get more people to try exploration?
No bonuses that depend on your skill level so even with a low BC skill you can scan down a site without a separate scanning ship making it friendly for low sp players.
Medium guns and a BC hull are a bit much to ask a new player to fly otherwise this would have been a great ship to give to new players after finishing an advanced exploration tutorial.

I really hope the gnosis is going to be the 10-year anniversary gift so I get one as well. My fear is that it will be a fanfest gift though.

What would you do with a gnosis if you received one as a gift?


  1. So how happy are you now? Seems like it did turn out to be a 10 year anniversary gift.

  2. Yes it did, I am glad more players have the opportunity to fly this ship as just fanfest visitors.

    I still haven't fitted up and undocked in mine but that will happen soon(tm).