Tuesday, January 29, 2013

EVE Online: My first ship reimbursement request.

This week marked the first time ever I applied for ship reimbursement.
I lost a hurricane. In hindsight this loss was of course easy avoidable. Even when I was getting shot at there might have been time to save myself.

When the call went out for a defense fleet went out I joined but was still over 30 jumps out in VFK.
Jump bridges reduce this to about a dozen jumps and by the time I arrived where the actions was nothing had happened yet.

A small wormhole gang consisting of some stealth bombers had moved into a dead-end system, leaving a scout in local. After that we set up a gatecamp killing two stealth bombers that tried to escape but the rest managed to slip past.

In response we moved 2 jumps to the location of the wormhole and set up a gatecamp there so we could try to catch them again.
Soon after a loki appeared in the wormhole, joined by a second loki and an archon. After that they jumped through and engaged our gang. With the archon providing hostile reps we were unable to break the tank on any of the tech3 cruisers while we had a shortage of logistics.

Quite soon after combat started I was pointed and webbed by the loki.
At first my thought was to pull range to get out of the bubble and separate the loki from the rest of his gang. As I kept getting shot by the legion I turned around to keep in range of any logistics we had and decided to make way to the WH to jump though and lose agression that way.
Unfortunately I was primaried by the rest of the hostile gang before I got close to the wormhole and lost my ship. Luckily I was close enough to the edge of the bubble that I managed to get my pod out in armor.

The end result: http://kb.f-con.us/?a=kill_related&kll_id=229860

Multiple dead FC's didn't help on target calling either.
The moment the archon jumped into our system we tried to keep the gang occupied while calling quickly for a new fleet with neut BS to come in but by the time they had formed up the battle was mostly over already and the archon had jumped back already, collapsing the wormhole.

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