Thursday, January 10, 2013

EVE Online: Battlecruiser changes announced

The new changes to battlecruisers have been announced by CCP Fozzie on the official forums

An overall buff to tier 1 BC's and a nerf to tier 2 BC's with the Prophecy and Cyclone changing weapon systems from guns to drones and missiles respectively.

The Caldari ships remain the slowest battlecruisers in existence at 140 m/s

I like utility high slots, whether to fit a salvager, cloak, probe launcher or neutralizer, there was always something useful to fit (when not limited by cpu).
Both Caldari ships are left without any utilty highs at all. Both have 7 highs with 7 turret/launcher slots. (And both remain slow)
The Prophecy and Myrmidon are drone boats so can be argued to have nothing but utility high's.
The Harbinger still has one utility high, the brutix didn't change and still has none.
The Hurricane and Cyclone both have one or two utility high's that can be used for a nonbonused launcher or turrets.

Overall I think the Cyclone will be the new flavor of the week for some time. With the ancillary shield boosters it already got some attention for the massive tank it can now field. With the change to a missile boat with all damage types , it's active tank bonus, it's larger drone bay and its higher speed this ship will the choice of the level 3 mission runner.

Will this be the end of the Caldari dominance and the rise of the Minmatar dominion?

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