Monday, January 7, 2013

EVE Online: Introducing myself - part 2

In part 1 I talked a bit about my beginnings and ended the story when Grey Templars joined the Fidelas Constans alliance.

Just as I did Ushra'Khan a disservice by giving them only a single reference, so am I going to gloss over the last year with the CFC campaigns ending with the taking of Tribute.

Time to start living in the present.
A new campaign has started and FCON is deploying again, this time in our own backyard. Black Legion, The Retirement Club, Scrap Iron Flotilla have made Venal their home and have been poking around in our systems.

FCON has switched to an armor doctrine and of course I am a shield tanking and missile launching caldari bear with skills all over the place except in armor tanking and gunnery.

Luckily Raziel is not alone. I have alts too.
A minmatar character, meant as pvp alt. Less skills in science/industry and more in various spaceship and gunnery skills. Still not a capable armor tanked though.

But behold, you can have three characters on a single account.
My amarr mining alt has basic armor tank skills and is not that far from basic T1 laser skills. Time to get out of that skiff and into that T1 cruiser. Instead of oracles I will fly some tackle frigates, tech 1 logistics or other support ships probably. un til those Tech2 lasers are trained up for.

Finally, because there are four races in eve I of course have a fourth character.
Gallente. Goal is to get into a carrier or orca for support roles.

Right now I am training up destroyers 5, battlecruisers 5 and all racial frigate/cruisers skills to 4 so all characters can at least sit in most hulls.
Next is gunnery skills for all. Get the basic support skills in gunnery to 4 first and then some laser skills for all those doctrine fleet fits on Uriel/Duriel while Raziel/Gabrielle will probably go for hybrids.

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