Friday, January 11, 2013

EVE Online: Destroyer/Battlescruiser skill split date announced

CCP Fozzie has made a post (

Are the Battlecruiser skills being split into racial version at the same time as the battelcruiser changes?Originally I had hoped to get the changes into this point release, but .... So I now have permission to let you all know that the skill change is scheduled for our Summer expansion 2013

To repeat, the skill split is scheduled for the big Summer 2013 expansion.

Guess I could have finished training those support skills before remapping all my characters to perception/willpower but was afraid the change would come with the dust integration last week so was in a hurry to train those spaceship command skills.
Last week I finished training the destroyers/BC skills to 5 and right now I am training up gunnery skills on all so I can fly fleet doctrine fits instead of hiding behind the excuse that I can't fly armor tanked laser ships and not joining fleets.

My main will be done just a little bit faster as my mining alt with this.

Why are you removing so many empty high slots from BCs when they keep the Gang link bonus?This is a very legitimate concern, and I'm going to be working to see if we can ensure that each race has at least one T1 BC that can fit a gang mod without giving up too much from the highslot. Even though gang links on T1 BCs are not incredibly common at the moment, it would be great if it became more common so we'll see what we can do to help.

None of the caldari battlecruisers have utility slots left as mentioned in my previous post.

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