Thursday, January 17, 2013

EVE Online: Suddenly Topics

After reading EveOganda today I came up with a suggestion to make Eve better as well.
Although better might not be applicable. I had been thinking about rising prices and inflation.

Does the game need more isk sinks to counter inflation?
Increased prices for manufacturing slots so it's a substantial part of production costs.
Even more taxes and broker fees.
A fee for corporation maintenance.
Just try to think of all the ways a government can extort money from it's citizens.
Not much an improvement for the players directly but would it improve the game overall economy?

When you think about isk sinks you also have to think about isk faucets.
Which in turn brought me to think about Forsaken Hubs. No ecm. no webs, no scram/point. No frigates at all. The next best thing to an isk printing machine for a ratter.
I would like to imitate Jester here and leave this topic for now so I can make it a separate post later.

And then the topic of local and it's use as an intelligence tool. Sand, Cider and Spaceships  revisited this topic prompting me to start this post about a variety of subjects.
I like local, I also like that wormholes don't have local as their unique selling point. In Null/Low something might be made for the case of delayed local or some other variation but please keep the ease and speed with which you can see if hostiles are in system.

To top it all off and get the day really started CCP released the CSM minutes. A full 113 pages of it.
I still have to read the document so can't really comment on it.

There has already been response to the apparant lack of interest for CPP in a POS revamp. I really hope the next two or three expansions would focus mostly on POS revamp, continued tiericide for BC/BS and maybe another feature. Then tie it all together with a theme.

A theme like the empires going though a tech boom (because they outsourced and institutionalized war with the FW changes?) giving rise to continued improvements of tech1 ships, tech2 BC/BS with specialized roles like and exploration BC with a scanning bonus (not my idea but I love it.) and the introduction of the POS revamp giving us the POS as a personal destructable station.

The nullsec pvp-ers want destructable stations (I dont).
Anyone that ever touched a POS wants a POS revamp.
So make the POS into a small destructable station.

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