Monday, January 7, 2013

EVE Online: What I do in Eve Online
Every eve player should take a good look at this picture before deciding on a career or before quitting because they feel that mining, ratting or running missions are the only options available.

I would like try out all of the options eve offers. So far I have done only a small part of what eve has to offer.
Let's start with a look at the PVE side.

I mine ice and minerals for personal use. Minerals to build tech 1 ships, modules and ammunition as a side business to supply the corp/alliance. Ice to make POS fuel for my small research POS. In the near future I will again set up PI to supply materials for POS fuel and to make some items for tech2 production. I did PI in high sec for a while but quit when my corporation took down its high sec POS.
So far I haven't done any gas or moon mining.

Market trading, transport and production.
Every week or so I load up a blockade runner with half a hold of T2 modules that I buy in high sec and move to Branch to put on market locally. Tech1 ships, modules, ammunition and rigs I try to produce myself as much possible, putting surplus on the market or donating to the corporation.
No orca, jump freighter or carrier skills to make moving bigger volumes a bit easier.

Wormholes: I have never lived in a wormhole. I don't like living in a POS and prefer to live in a station. I feel safe when docked up. I don't feel safe in a POS forcefield. I did make a daytrip once and cleared a site in a C2 wormhole but that's it.

I like exploration and running sites. Sometimes I run a Forsaken Hub because they are such easy money and might escalate into a Dread Gurista Fleet Staging Point but usually there are more Vindicators as Forsaken Hubs hanging around in our systems. Instead of doing anomalies I like to scan down sites and run those. I run radar/magnetomatric/combat sites to get loot/salvage/materials for personal production and earn a little isk from the rats.

I used to run asteroid belts and all anomalies, these days it's mostly exploration and the occasional Forsaken Hub.

Missions, Incursions
I used to do missions in high sec to get standings for jump clones and R&D datacore access. sinc eI moved to null fulltime this has stopped.
I have never done any incursions. I always considered this something for rich players with pimped out ships.

I never engaged in piracy, scamming, ninja salvaging, can flipping or anything of the like. I always imagine that other guy to be some clueless noob that can't afford to lose his precious raven fit with light missiles launchers, dual armor and shield tank and 3 light drones in the cargo hold instead of a battle hardened veteran that is trying to bait me.

Solo PVP has been very limited for me. I once jumped into a gatecamp with a Rupture and managed to take down an interceptor before dying horribly. I recently got jumped by a gang when I was multi-boxing a mackinaw, vargur and tengu. Lost the Vargur but took down a sabre with me...
Someone still has to learn a lesson about paying attention to intel channels I guess.

I try to join fleets when I can but I like to play in shorter timespans as most fleets last. 2013 I hope to join more fleets and get more kills as in 2012 which shouldn't be to hard.

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