Thursday, January 17, 2013

EVE Online: Same same, but different

Anyone that ever visited Thailand has probably heard of the phrase 'same same but different' indicating that two things are similar, yet different.
Some players are seriously involved with a certain activity while others only dabble in it.
We all play Eve but do different things in the game.

Sugar Kyle of Low Sec Lifestyle encourages us to give the various aspects of Eve a try.

I am running a small research POS to get some bpo's up to an acceptable level. With 3 mobile laboratories I have 9 ME research slots. One character with Laboratory Operation V and advanced Laboratory Operation IV can fill all nine slots. Another character with the same skills can fill all PE research slots but these are more of a bonus. There are also some slots for copy jobs in case I want to create bpc's for invention.

For a short time I mined minerals when I had time, joining a mining fleet with my alt while running a site with another character. After losing a vargur due to not watching intel channels properly I decided it might be better to quit the multiboxing for the most part or at least not divide characters among 3 different systems with one mining, one scanning and another one running a site.

So now I buy minerals, haul them to the manufacturing station and start some jobs (from a bpo I did at least some basic ME research on.)

Recently on request of a corp mate I build some kestrel frigates, selling him some and putting the rest on market. Since they sold fairly well I build more and 25 kestrels are now ready. Together with 8 merlins, 6 bestowers and 20 shuttles.

The build costs are 600k for the kestrel from an ME 33 bpo, 560k for the merlin (ME 33), 900k for the bestower (ME 7), and 16k for the shuttle (ME 33).

The cheapest kestrel in my region is 350k but 15 jumps out and 9 jumps to the nearest other seller. My station was the most expensive in the region with a sell price of 1.4m. Mine are on market now for 800k.
Since putting the merlins in the cooker someone else also put some on sale for 510k.
Bestowers  are on market for 1.4m. A big markup but the cheapest in region was 2 million.
Shuttles finally are on market for 30k. In my station the cheapest shuttle was 90k so at least I reduced prices by two thirds despite going for an almost 100% markup.

Other items I manufactured myself and put on market are cap booster 200, core and combat scanner probes, salvagers, scan resolution scripts, salvage drones, scourge ham's and some shield rigs.

From bpc's I found running sites I build 50 ancillary medium shield boosters, 2 large anti-em shield rigs, 10 large micro jump drives and 2 rattlesnakes. One rattlesnake I put to use myself and the other I put on market.

Looking back at the above I am not sure I would call it dabbling anymore. It's more like Eve itself. A hobby that gets out of hand and absorbs more and more time. But it combines well with waiting for fleets to form up and undock. And someone has to pay for those ships.

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