Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Activity update

Peeveepee is fun and all that but you need iskies to pay for it all as well.

So this weekend I set out to make some cash. When scanning for exploration there is really only one moment. Right after downtime.
When I scan sites on a saterday or sunday right after downtime there are radar, magnetometric and combat sites around. After a few hours you might be able to find the occasional overlooked magnetometric site or drone combat site.

This weekend I scanned over a dozen systems finding only 2 drone sites (independance) and one magnetometric site. Someone else was already sitting on the entrance of the second drone site so I left that alone.

For all the time spent scanning the results were pretty meager. The magnetometric site resulted in a tech2 bpc and some salvage. By now I have about a billion worth of T1/T2 salvage so perhaps it's time to step up rig production.

The drone site did not escalate so only salvage and some drone loot from this, the rest of the salvage is from running a few forsaken hubs.

With exploration not really worth it this time around I also ran a few forsaken hubs since these are the next best thing to a real isk printing machine for ratters.

I got lucky and the first one immediately escalated to a dread guristas fleet staging point that continued to escalate until part three. In the end I was rewarded with some nice loot.

I have done part 3 of the DG fleet staging point three times now.
The first time I used an overtanked broadsword and tengu fearing that citadel torpedo.
The second time I used two drakes but had to warp in and out quite a few times.
The last time I used a Drake and Tengu, switching the tengu to a nighthawk when the energy neutralizing batteries spawned.

With some isk in the wallet I bought a load of tritanium since I noticed local prices hsd dropped below jita point. Previously I had paid 6.12 isk while the price now was down to 5.5
With some fresh minerals in the hangar I set up a new batch of manufacturing jobs.

After refueling my POS I remembered to fill up the free slots with some research jobs again as well:

Earlier I tried out some invention and now have a batch of t2 bpc's but still have to set up PI to get materials for t2 production. Moon materials I will simply buy locally or have to import.

Finally I took a quick look at what I had manufactured and put it on market or modified prices on existing orders where someone had undercut me.

And after that it was time to get some much needed sleep.

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