Monday, November 11, 2013

EVE: a day in the hole.

Four anomalies and four signatures that need scanning down in our C1. Ten minutes later I have scanned down one relic site, one gas site and two wormholes. I leave the wormholes alone and hop into some ships to run the relic site.

Three containers contain nothing of value but the sleeper wrecks leave behind about 20m in loot and salvage. Most of the salvage is worthless though, melted nanoribbons is what everyone is after. I finally understand what wormhole loot is all about.

I start on the gas site next, it contains fullerite C-50 and C84, I mine a couple of cycles in a venture and realize the gas is pretty worthless. Maybe next time I will clear the site but for now I leave the gas alone. So much for my first venture into gas mining.

Eve is then rudely interrupted by some real life activities. When I get back I log in again and start on the three Perimeter Camps, 30 minutes later only wrecks remain.
While a catalyst salvages the three sites to collect 52m in salvage , 50m of which is in nanoribbons another character hops into a mining vessel and collects an ore hold full of Arkanor.

Somewhere in between I find time to refresh PI planets and pick up some goods while my FW alt cries itself to sleep again without seeing any action.

Lesson of the day: you can only queue 50 skills.

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