Saturday, November 30, 2013

EVE: Marauders and bastion module

I was working on a long post about my goals for Rubicon and how I felt about all the new features.
Well forget about that, we crossed into Rubicon territories a long time ago.

Most of my Rubicon experience so far has been with marauders, running the gallente epic arc in a golem and now working the minmatar arc in a golem and vargur.

Battleships are noticably slower in warping across star systems. Cruise missiles on the other hand surprised me with their speed. Over 13 km/s, so in most cases the missile will hit the target before the next volley launches.

Since it's a cruise golem my dps is relatively low, 600 vs 580 for my hamgu. But I was suprised by how well it's damage applied to frigates and cruisers.

The shield amount repaired in the fitting screen does not adjust for the bastion module so you'd have to double that.

My vargur tells me it is capable of 850 dps or so, in practice it's only lightly more as the cruise golem, tank is much better though.

If you need to move more as a couple of kilometers between gates or onbjectives just use the MJD to jump in a triangle. Jump up or down and after a minute you can jump to your target.

Once I enter bastion mode I deploy a mobile tractor, speeding up the process of pulling in wrecks.
Eve though the bastion module more than doubles local tank I still found myself refitting for more tank.

After the first few missions I now also remember to turn my module red when I am almost done instead of giving a warp or approach command and wondering why it is taking so long.

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