Tuesday, December 3, 2013

EVE: hello Isis

Rubicon brought us ISIS and masteries, everyone that cared about certificates is now training masteries.

Raziel has level V mastery in shuttle, badger, tayra and bustard. For the next 37 days I will train the skills to get all caldari subcapitals except manticore and widow to level IV.

Duriel, my pvp alt, would require 112 days to get level IV mastery in all subcapital ships except for ORE vessels, stealth bombers, command ships and black ops. Half of that time would be spent training shield management, sentry and heavy drone skills to rank 5.

Certificates are gone, featured below are the ones I thought worth preserving.

Finally some small ideas for game improvements.
1. Wouldn't it be nice if Isis could run in windowed mode instead of background mode? That way people don't have to minimize everything on the bottom half of their screen to view those industrial ship masteries.

2. Since the star/solar map also runs in background mode, how about that one?

3. It is now possible to plug in implants without pausing character training. Will clone jumping receive the same treatment?

4. A way to view the masteries and a listing of what ships or modules they apply to.
Originally these were 3 complaints.

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