Wednesday, December 25, 2013

EVE: War Dec

Foo Signature Industries is under war dec by De Clan, a small (alt) corp with only 9 characters, most of them only a few months old.

The war was declared on december 10th. As this seemed more of a welcome distraction from running missions then as a real threat I decided to ask some locater agents where to find war targets.

Soon after my agent came with a response and pointed me towards Urlen. I found one character docked at a station so patiently started waiting on the undock for something to happen. After I was noticed a new member joined De Clan and soon after he arrived in system and on grid in a hurricane. I immediately engaged and started ripping through his shields but he disengaged and docked up, probably since he was unable to track my ship and apply damage.

Some time later he undocked but I did not engage because I expected a trap and was too cautious. This allowed him to warp off and leave the system only to return a little later.
By then I was a little bored and boredom breeds stupidy so I quickly engaged before he could dock up. Things started out well but then a caracal, stabber, corax and punisher landed and quickly immobilized me with multiple webs and points.

The cane was getting out of range so I tried switching targets to take out something small but that didn't really work out well for me since they were already orbiting to close to to track.
With everything going on I was losing track of what was important so didn't look well enough at range and speed of hostiles to identify the best targets. I also forgot to overheat modules, started my ancillary shield booster to late and if I hadn't turned off autoreload I might have lived long enough to survive the reload time.

When I finally realized I was not going to kill that hurricane I tried disengaging to dock but forgot about my drones for another 10 seconds.

The only kill of the war for De Clan.

The only loss they suffered was one rupture against another corp they had wardecced.

After my loss I was contacted by a member of this corp and we had a chat.
I then realized I had seen someone idling around the same station I had been camping but somehow I hadn't made the link between that character and his corporation.

Had we talked earlier I probably could have counted on backup and things would have gone differently. I reshipped and fleeted up with with them but after killing me our war targets logged off for the evening.

A few days later the war was over, one day later we received a new wardec while the war against the corp that killed their rupture was not continued.

I've had this vagabond for almost a year and never used it so this seemed like a good idea for a baptism. Except for the part where I have no experience flying heavy assault cruisers and me confusing prices of the vagabond and stabber fleet issue making the ship a bit more expensive as a battlecruiser.

Not everyone in the corporation was happy about my loss since it might be what kept De Clan interested enough in us to renew the wardec but since we are a wormhole corp we are not really bothered by jita campers.

How do you feel or respond regarding wardecs?
Do you go out and hunt those that would hunt you or do you try to keep a low profile and evade fights so that the enemy gets bored and only loses money on a wardec?

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