Friday, January 3, 2014

EVE: 2014 goals

My most important goal for 2014 will be to find a new home for myself.
But as Ripard likes to say, more on this subject at a later time.

Get into a carrier.
I'd rate this as my second most important goal for this year. This has been a goal since I created my amarr and gallente industry alts but this year they will finally get their carrier and dreadnaught skills. Perhaps I'll even stop calling them industry alts after that.

Isis, certificates and skill training.
Right now my main characters are focused on getting level 4 masteries for their racial subcapital ships. After that Raziel will focus on getting level 5 caldari masteries and better industry/support skills while Duriel will continue to train subcapital masteries of all factions.

More research/manufacturing.
This has been neglected in 2013 so it's time to step up and start building again. To get me started I bought some of the new rubicon BPO's: Mobile Depot, Mobile Tractor Unit and Bastion Module.

Instead of keeping with the simple T1 stuff that only requires minerals I will also invent and produce a few batches of T2 modules/ships. Perhaps I could tie this in with my next goal and state that I should make at least half of my income for 2014 with manufacturing and PI.

Wealth and asset increase
My least important goal for 2014 would be to double my current asset wealth. jEveAssets values me at 24 billion isk and I'd like to double this by the end of the year. Less easy as it sounds since I don't engage in the really profitable stuff like market trading, FW or mission blitzing.

Instead of comparing my income to that of other players it's better to look at the fact that it took me four years to get where I am now. I'll keep track of how much PLEX I buy since I plan to spend (another) 24 billion isk on PLEX this year as well.

Ghost sites
It's really exploration that I want to pick up again and these are just the latest addition and icing on the cake. Exploration and running site escalations are one of the most enjoyable activities I found so far.

Soe Ships
I'd like to earn my own Stratos and Nestor. With 600k LP for a Nestor BPC and perhaps 6000 LP per mission that would be at least 100 missions to run and perhaps twice that. To stave of boredom I'll probably end up using lots of different ships to run missions. Perhaps I'd better refrain from using AFK drone boats in combination with a MTU though:

No pvp goals of any kind. Pvp might come as a consequence of other actions but is no goal in itself. I am a builder, not a destroyer. And not to annoy Drackarn but I might just try out this FW thingie. After all, he keeps writing about those plexers earning 100m isk an hour.

Bonus goals
Participate in an incursion or some public event like the Stay Frosty Frigate Free For All. (scheduled to take place on january 26)

Looking at the above there isn't really anything that stands out as a real challenge for the determined player yet I am sure it will keep me busy until the end of the year.

Out of game I set myself some more challenging goals though.
The easiest one on the list is that like Marcus Dickinson a.k.a. Roc Wieler I'd like to improve my body shape and get as close to a sixpack as possible without having to resort to a permanent diet.

What are your goals for 2014?

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