Wednesday, January 15, 2014

EVE: Mr nice guy.

Right after I finish the rats in a data site and start hacking the first container a magnate warps in at 100. Because I am lazy I did not put a scout on the high sec static but instead trusted on dscan to give me enough advance warning of incoming hostiles. Obvious mistake, I really should know better by now.

Because I do not want to abandon the site I watch to see what the magnate does while getting ready to warp off in case it's just bait pretending to be new. The magnate warps off and I decide to put my scout on the static after all and see the magnate jumping back to high sec. I complete the minigame triggering loot spew and get nothing of value.

Just as I am working on the second container the magnate jumps back in and warps to the data site again. I warp a myrmidon to the static while I approach him and lock him up. I also start typing a message in local but before I can press enter he warps off again.

My myrmidon on the static deploys sentry drones and when the magnate lands (20 km from the hole) I lock him up again but don't shoot because I suspect he might be new and typing a reply. Instead he opens up a convo:

One of these days that 'new player' won't be new and will just point and kill me.

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