Saturday, January 18, 2014

EVE: The Blood-Stained Stars

As I am close to Arnon I jump over to see if sister Alitura is willing to talk to me. Apparently she likes me because she asks me if I want to reset The Bloodstained Stars. I confirm and accept the first mission before undocking in my interceptor.

52 Missions and 3h40m later Dagan is a smoking wreck.

The Bloodstained Stars includes a lot of travel time which is why I used a fast frigate. My 130 dps interceptor was unable to break Dagan's tank until I overheated though, so unskilled players might want to use a cruiser to finish him off.

Incidentally: post #100


  1. Which frigate? Next time I do it, I'm thinking the Comet would be good. Dagan may neut but 300 DPS frigs are forever!

  2. Dagan had me target painted but if he neuted I didn't feel it. Your comet will rip throught that mission arc.
    The arc is aimed at new and unskilled players that probably won't have the isk or skills to fit a 300 dps frigate. From what I see and hear Dagan is when new players will hop into a cruiser for the first time. I used a Crow interceptor with scourge rage rockets.

  3. Looks like the first time around I wasted him with a Catalyst.

    Damn. That was a long time ago now. Pretty sure I repeated it a year after and strolled through it in an afternoon in another destroyer (an Algos I think) but it seems a good intro to Cruisers for new players. A Comet would make the whole arc even more fun though I guess your Interceptor really cut down on the travel times. Maybe I'll try a Taranis instead.