Friday, January 10, 2014

EVE: Complacency

After logging on to do my PI chores I noticed we had several combat sites in our wormhole. We also had an inbound wormhole from a C2 but the abundance of anomalies in the C2 together with information from evewho and eve-kill gave me the impression I didn't have to worry about incoming hostiles.

Previously I had used a proteus to run sites in the C1 but today I decided to move this ship back to high sec and put this character in a tech1 ship instead. Mostly because I felt my proteus was just an expensive lossmail waiting to happen but the effective range of blasters was a bit short for my taste as well.

To complete sites at reasonable speed I decided to go with dual harbingers, supported by a tech1 logistics to get a feel for this kind of setup if I ever wanted to move up to a higher wormhole class.

The only rig required on the auguror is a single ancillary current router. I have two because this fit started out with T2 modules before I downgraded to make the fit more accessible.

Because an epithal is so cheap simply visiting poco's (in a predictable way) is an excellent way to lure out any hostiles. I went about my usual business without any interruptions or any activity on Dscan so afterwards I switched ships and warped to the first site.

The auguror locked up the harbingers with one repper each, deployed a MTU and started orbiting. After this I was so busy targeting and shooting sleepers that the period between dscan refreshes was big enough for a proteus to land on grid.
It took me several seconds to switch to the squad commander and issue a warp command, the auguror and one harbinger made it out but the proteus had already locked and pointed the other harbinger. I started to return fire but dscan showed incoming reinforcements. A bubble went up, jams were applied and my harbinger melted under the combined fire of the hostiles.

After my ship went down they asked me what implants I had and if I was interested in paying ransom for my pod. I told them I only had +3 implants and they offered to let me go for a 100m ransom. Only as I type this post I realize that +3 implants are a lot cheaper as that and that I should have let them pod me. I blame their politeness about the whole affair for confusing me in this regard.

Once again I was flustered by a pvp encounter as I didn't even launch drones or overheat anything, it would have been useless anyway but overheating everything I got should be my first response against hostiles.

It was nice meeting players from Surely You're Joking even if a bit expensive. I am just glad this didn't happen yesterday when I was still flying that proteus. On the other hand, had I used the proteus I would have put Duriel in a HIC and in the C2 to scout for incoming hostiles, perhaps losing that ship.

They mentioned my lack of scouting on the C2 and I told them I had expected any hostiles to try and kill me at a poco. They had in fact been waiting for me at a poco but I skipped that one today because the customs office still had enough materials inside to import/export without a visit. Also, I was in a hurry to get started on those sites as it was getting late already.

Lessons learned:
  • Don't use expensive ships when a cheap one will do just as well.
  • There is never an excuse not to use a scout, security first.
  • Mash that dscan button, those sleepers and wrecks can wait a few seconds. If isk efficiency is that important I shouldn't be in a C1 in the first place.
  • It was late at night and I should have gone to sleep instead of deciding to clean up anomalies in our home system.
  • I should put a covops frigate in storage.
  • Wormholes are not ideal for solo play (except for the PI part), preferably you want other players around as well to share tasks.

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