Friday, January 17, 2014

EVE: Tengu mission fit.

This is basically a reply to this and this where I promised Troy Wexler of High Sec Carebearing Extravaganza to post my fit.

My high sec mision tengu fit:

Amplification Node, this subsystem gives a big bonus to active tanking. The Adaptive Shielding subsystem would trade a mid slot for a high slot resulting in slightly less ehp and a 50% reduction in active tank capabilities.

Accelerated Ejection Bay, it should be obvious that this subsystem allows you to put out the most dps.

Augmented Capacitor Reservoir, this subsystem adds a 6th launcher hardpoint for more dps.

Fuel Catalyst, this increases your AB speed increasing your tank and allowing you to close range faster. The other subsystems are more situational, e.g. the Interdiction Nullifier is only useful in nullsec where bubbles exist.

Dissolution Sequencer, more sensor strength to reduce the chance of jams from gurista rats. This subsystem also adds 3 mid and 1 low slot compared to the 4 mid slots of the Emergent Locus Analyzer. I use the EML for exploration fits and usually combine it with the Adaptive Shielding subsystem in case I need the high slot for a cloak or probe launcher. I went for the Dissolution Sequencer because the extra low slot allows for an additional BCS, increasing dps output.

High slots:
6x Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II, less range but more DPS compared to Heavy Missile Launchers. I noticed HAM launchers also use less cpu .

Mid slots:
1x 10 MN Afterburner II, to close range and increase speed tank.
1x EM Ward Field II, to close your EM resist hole.
2x Adaptive Invulnerability Field II, more tank. You can exchange one for a target painter if you don't need the tank.
1x Gistum C-Type Medium Shield Booster, least cap intensive and relatively cheap. Uses less cpu as a techII Medium Shield Booster. The first incarnation of this tengu used a small deadspace shield booster. While it might not look like much a small shield booster probably offers enough tank for all but the hardest missions.
1x Shield Boost Amplifier II, feel free to drop this for a target painter or other module. Slightly more efficient as the second Adaptive Invulnerability Field so drop that before you drop the SBA. With exploration fits I will often this and the invulnerability field to fit a relic and data analyzer.

Since I am lazy and don't want to change fits I fly an omniresist profile. It is of course possible to fit rat/mission specific hardeners.

Low slots:
3x Ballistic Control System II, more dps
1x Damage Control II, it's a rare fit where I don't use one. On a passive tanked nighthawk or rattlesnake a SPRII is usually more effective if you don't mind the drawback in capacitor recharge rate.

Medium Rocket Fuel Cache Partition II
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
Medium Semiconductor Memory Cell I

A real carebear can be recognized by his need for cap stability. The first incarnation of my fit featured three CCC rigs. Feel free to use 3 damage/rof rigs if you like. The rigs I use were a personal preference at the time. If I ever fit up a new tengu I will probably use different rigs.

I use normal scourge heavy assault missiles. Faction missiles will do more damage but HAM launchers have a high rate of fire. On occasion I have used use fury or javelin missiles but reload times reduce dps while fury missiles ask for target painters to be really effective.

An easy way to increase the effectiveness of your ships is to use implants.
This is the first clone I have with Genolution CA-1 and CA-2 implants to get some extra cpu/powergrid for additional fitting options.

Slot 6 is usually filled with a 3% cpu or powergrid implant.
Slot 7-10 are not in use right now but I have a jump clone that does have some 3% Zainou 'Deadeye' implants in his head.
Slot 7: Zainou 'Deadeye' Missile Bombardment MB-703,  3% missile flight time.
Slot 8: Zainou 'Deadeye' Guided Missile Precision GP-803, 3% missile explosion signature radius.
Slot 9: Zainou 'Deadeye' Target Navigation Prediction TN-903, 3% target velocity factor.
Slot 10: Zainou 'Deadeye' Rapid Launch RL-1003, 3% missile launcher rate of fire.

Pimping your fit:
An old version of my tengu used two CN BCS. These increase your dps but also increase your gank value. One significant advantage is the fact they use a lot less cpu as TechII BCS.

The tengu was my main mission ship for a long time but after Rubicon I bought a cruise Golem and made that my main mission ship. I do have a heavy missile nighthawk but it rarely sees any use.

My minmatar alt main mission ship is a Vargur, my golem is named 'Vargurs do it better'. Though I have to admit I haven't even flown the Vargur since Rubicon was released.

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