Wednesday, December 11, 2013

EVE: New PI setup

Arrive home, read the daily webcomics (Dilbert, Order of the stick, Looking for Group, Penny Arcade and Schlock Mercenary) and log into eve with PI characters for maintenance.

Our static today exits only 2 jumps from Jita and we have no other incoming wormholes so this is a good opportunity to move some PI materials to the market. Cargo value is an estimated 245m so I jump the epithal to high sec, dock in station and contract the goods to an alt to haul and sell. After a stop in to Jita I am richer by 200m in direct sales and 70m in sell orders.

Previously I ran planets with single planet P2 production. As an experiment (temporary flatfee instead of % poco taxes) I switched to 4 extraction and 1 factory planet for several characters. The setups I have can be improved but since it hasn’t been that long since I set up in the first place I am going to delay the clickfest that is setting up planets from scratch. After a few weeks of running the new setups I have decided that my old way of single planet P2 manufacture is better suited to my playstyle. Gevlon Goblin also declared single planet P2 production to be most efficiënt in isk/effort so I am not alone in that idea.

Going back to single planet P2 production means that approximately the same effort I now spent on 4 characters could be divided among 8 characters instead.

Current daily PI production:

Alt 1 (CCU 4), produces 5 single planet P2 commodities, daily production 9m isk.
Alt 2 & 3 (CCU 4), produces 2 P2 commodities with 4 extraction and one factory planet, daily production 12-14m isk.
Character 4 (CCU 5) and has factories for 3 different P2 commodities, daily production value between 9 and 15m isk.

Let’s say 10-12m isk per character/planet/day. So about 200-300m a month per character since I don’t refresh planets and move goods every single day.

4 characters should earn me a solid billion isk each month, upgrading to 8 characters should get me anywhere between 1.5 and 2.5 billion for 15-25 hours of work. This is better hourly income as most high sec activities and even if it wasn’t it would introduce some variation in my activities. I can run only so many missions and shoot that many rats or rocks before I need to switch to something else for a while.

The most important bit to maximize profit is simply picking the right materials to create. Don’t make nanites that sell for 3k when you can produce coolant that sells at 8k.

Extraction rates vary a lot between setups so it’s hard to sgive solid numbers on how much P0, P1, or P2 I produce in a day.

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  1. Thanks for this post, I have just got started with PI. I have CCU 4 and created 4 factories. Two are extractor planets with 9 Basic Factories and two are producing coolant. It's hard to keep the coolant coming at a steady rate though; one of the two ingredients is always in short supply. Also its in lowsec and we just lost control of the system, which makes POCO runs a bit exciting at the moment.