Tuesday, November 5, 2013

EVE: Wormhole life

Yesterday we had an inbound C2 wormhole with a lot of sites. Since the wormhole didn't appear to have any active occupants we decided to run some sites.
One site was completed together with a corp member, unfortunately he had to leave but afterwards I completed another three Perimeter Hangar sites by myself, collecting about 50m in loot and salvage for my time.

Ships posing in a relic site, ready to hack some containers.

Today our C1 offers very little in entertainment. A combat and relic site were quickly cleared but no new signatures spawned leaving only the high sec static available.

Wormhole acting as a lens amplifying sunlight.

Short post but I want to move on from the previous topic.
Pvp is fun and all but exploration, getting loot and iskies still manages to get priority.
Planet management is suffering from neglect and needs some attention also.

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  1. Only after posting did I realize I made both screenshots right after reducing graphic settings to minimal. With optimized settings I was unable to reproduce the effect.