Tuesday, October 29, 2013

EVE Online: CCP vision.

During the New Player Training Sessions I saw some quotes by CCP Eterne.
I realize that these are just words from one CCP employee and not set in stone decisions.

Of course this isn't really new news but it was still nice to see confirmation that the idea is on the table. From an Eurogamer.net interview:

A sandbox can only be as deep as its creators allow though, and Eve remains a world tied heavily to CCP's fiction and rules - at least away from the low/null-security frontiers. In the second decade though, the game is stable enough to get more ambitious. "[The sandbox] should go as far as players want," says Lander." So, features like designing ships instead of just using pre-built ones? Having willing players replace the CONCORD NPC police force in high-security space? Destroying the four empires and shifting the universe entirely to a corporation and alliance driven one? "Oh, god yeah," Lander answered immediately - to the concepts, not confirming their imminent additions. "A lot of Eve's restrictions, they're because we had to get it out of the door."

I would hope Jove space starts out as a form of wormhole space that will allow cyno's and player-built stargates. Likewise it would start out without local chat and something like sovereignty upgrades to decide if there wil be a local chat or not.

Finally something for those angsty players that are afraid EVE will become safer and safer.

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