Monday, October 7, 2013


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In short, CCP gave SOMER employees rare Ishukone Watch Scorpions.

Some people are raising hell and equating this to the T20 scandal, others think it is overblown and SOMER just received some gifts comparable to othere freebies CCP has handed out to community sites in the past.

SOMER blink is not a community site.
SOMER blink is a gambling site.

And that is why I believe SOMER should be treated differently from real community sites.
Other community sites generate advertising income or receive gifts from CCP as well but those sites are still presented with their service as primary goal. SOMER does not exist to sponsor events, that is just advertising to promote their primary service, gambling.

Gambling is not a community service.

First reply: Colluding in a secret process makes it appear seedy and underhanded. If it is a reward why not celebrate it in a public way to encourage other people to contribute to the community?

I won't quit EVE over this, I won't threaten to quit EVE over this. At best I will keep it in mind the next time CCP slips up again. I think this is how bittervets get born?

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