Wednesday, October 2, 2013

EVE Online: Customs Code Expertise

CCP SoniClover came with news about high sec player owned customs offices. The full article can be read at

Of course the real news is the introduction of an awesome new skill!

Customs Code Expertise
This will reduce the NPC portion of the tax rate, by 10% per level (so at level 5 the NPC export tax rate will be 5% rather than 10%). Again, this skill only affects the NPC portion of the tax, not the player owner tax.

Reducing tax by 40 or 50 percent sounds pretty decent even if taxes are only about 10% of the sale price. Giving us this skill at the same time when any NPC customs office can be destroyed and replaced by a player owned one...

Ripard Teg mentioned CCP devs trolling players?


The NPC tax will continue for hi sec POCOs (as we want low sec POCOs to still be competitive). The tax rate stays the same, at 10% for export and 5% for import. This is then in addition to whatever tax the player owner sets.

Perhaps I should have read this part a few times more. The good news is that reading pointed out this mistake to me before someone had to do it in comments.
The bad news is that it removes the point of my article since Customs Code Expertise is apparantly a real skill and not some dev trolling.

No regrets about moving my PI operation to a C1 wormhole.

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