Thursday, October 10, 2013

EVE Online: Four years

Time flies when you are having fun. It has been over four years since I started playing Eve at the urge of one of my best friends. Unfortunately he didn't stick around.

At the start I had only one account, after a few months I realized the only way to 'level up' a second character was if I had a second account. The other purpose was to have a scout when moving around in slow but expensive ships like a drake or raven.

Raziel, birth date 12-9-2009, 64m SP
My main prefers to fly caldari hulls. Skill training has been all over the place and next twelve months will be used to raise existing skills to rank 4 to fill gaps in support skills.
Most flown ship: HAM tengu, it gets boring.

Uriel, birth date 4-10-2009, 46m SP
Uriel prefers amarr hulls. Main purpose is as an industrial character doing PI and manufacturing. Secondary goal is firing (mining) lasers. Long term training goal at creation was to get into a dreadnaught. The next year will be spent getting into and orca, archon and amarr tech2 hulls while fleshing out industry skills where needed.
Favorite ship: anything with lasers. Ungroup for better effect.

Duriel, birth date 24-1-2010, 62m SP
Duriel prefers minmatar hulls. Main purpose is as pvp character, secondary as scout and support. Long term training goal is to fly all subcapital hulls. Next twelve months will be mostly support skills because those are subpar
Favorite ship: stealth bombers. Theory only.

Gabrielle, birth date 9-8-2010, 47m SP
Gabrielle prefers gallente hulls. Main purpose is industrial support for Uriel. Long term training goal at creation was to get into a carrier. The next year will be spent getting into a carrier hull and improving drone skills.
Biggest disappointment: blaster proteus. Navy megathron does it better.

Finally I have two minor alts.

Minor alt 1 (6m SP): 3-4-2011, freighter pilot.
Minor alt 2: (8m SP) 3-4-2011, meant to be a pirate or suicide ganker or something else not carebeary. Currently engaged in carebear activities.

A while ago I valued my own assets at about 15 billion isk, this was excluding any production materials and modules I had lying around.

This week I downloaded jEveAssets and it gave my total asset value as 19.503.030.987,34 isk
This took me four years to accumulate. Gevlon Goblin had 20 billion isk in two months.

Speaking of Gevlon. I saw his two ganking alts pass through my high sec mining system twice today reminding me I might want to look at changing my mining fit. A retriever with MAPC and MSE for shield tank. I could replace the MSE with an invulnerability field. This would remove the need for the MAPC freeing up a low slot for a second mining laser upgrade.

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