Thursday, October 24, 2013

EVE Online: Nosy Gamer slippery slope SOMER poll

The nosy gamer put up a poll asking players how they feel about SOMER and the accusations of RMT.

Yes, and SOMER should be banned with all assets confiscated.

Yes, SOMER should be banned, but CCP should try to restore ISK to players.

Yes, but since CCP tacitly approved, SOMER should be allowed to stay in business if he follows the rules in the future.

Yes, but so what?
When I started this post there was just a poll with answers to choose from and no separate post so I answered the question: 'Is SOMER involved in RMT and what should CCP do about it.'

Feel free to imagine other questions that would fit this answer template.
Imagine SOMER hadn't received Ishukone Scorpions but some other unique ship and sold them for isk.

Is it wrong for SOMER to sell customized spaceship skins feating pink unicorns?

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