Monday, October 28, 2013

EVE Online: More RMT

Some guy just quit EVE, RMT-ed 125 PLEX for money and then bragged about it in his blog.

I am not going to link to his blog, I just unsubscribed from his feed and won't read another post of his. I am not willing to give him more advertising income and it would be best if EVE players did the same and turned his back on him.

I sincerely hope CCP confiscates all those PLEX from players that bought them. Unfortunately CCP can't really touch this guy anymore except through legal means and I don't hold high hopes for that. Though I would love for CCP to make an example of players like this that ruin the game for those of us that still play the game.

About the only solution I can think of to stop RMT though referral kickbacks is to remove GTC from the game and only allow players to buy and sell PLEX through CCP without any third pary interference. I have no idea though how this would impact the game. I cant see any drawbacks but I am pretty sure this is only because I haven't thought it all the way through.

No paper policy is going to stop bots or RMT. Perhaps it's time for CCP to kick it up a notch again and take some action.

The other thing that gets me going:
Amazon discounts.. The 5 dollars for 3 plex is an amazon mistake and the people that managed to buy 60 or 600 PLEX while it lasted just got lucky. But this isn't the first time amazon offers deals that are way below previous rates.

Without a credit card one of the few ways for me to get a PLEX to sell on the market is to pay € 35,- for two PLEX. Bought directly from CCP. I admit to some envy regarding players that were able to take advantage of the offer.


  1. Never did care for that blog and never linked it on my blog. IMO he was just a drama queen.

  2. Replies
    1. I assume you were looking for an RMT guide and were disappointed by the content of my post?

      Thank you for reading my post and generating more pageviews. But I think 'cry less' would have been be more constructive and correct.