Sunday, October 13, 2013

EVE Online: First tears collected

The first thing I saw on overview was a Vherokior Probe loitering on the wormhole.

I had just jumped my pve Oracle from high sec to a class 1 wormhole. I decloak, lock up the target and shoot the ship first and the pod second as it doesn't warp off. Seconds later a retriever leaves warp so gets shot as well, unfortunately the pod is able to warp off.
After killing the ship I felt a bit sorry for killing what was probably an afk noob on a daytrip.
After killing the pod I felt annoyed that this guy went afk in a dangerous spot and would probably end up blaming me.
After killing the retriever I felt like it was my birthday party and I wished that second pod would stay and let me crack it open to see what was inside.

Lessons learned:
  • Refit that pve oracle. Replace those cap rechargers with sensor boosters. Lack of cpu (36 available for two mid slots) prevents me from fitting anything really useful in the mids but sensors boosters are
  • Watch dscan, next time it might not be a retriever that leaves warp.
Lesson's taught:
  • Don't go afk uncloaked on wormholes.
  • Warp to zero, that retriever landed 10 km away.
Reaction from the victim:
Mail 1: ты сука пролетела через нашу систему, и еще насрала там
Google translate: you bitch flew through our system and there is still shit

Mail 2: ты мразь у меня инет глюкнул, тебя бы там разодрали на твоем оракле
Google translate: you scum I Inet glyuknul, you would be there on your tore Orakle

Local chat:
[13:51:53] pirdutcho > че мрази спрятались
Google translate: human scum hiding
[13:52:22] pirdutcho > бледво
Google translate: bledvo

And after that I decided to move on to my destination system, apparently some people are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions.

I do not believe Gevlon Goblin would have approved of this mining fit.

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