Tuesday, October 15, 2013

EVE Online: New Player Training Sessions

Earlier today was the first of the New Player Training Sessions.

New players can participate by joining the "New Player Training Sessions" channel in game at the listed times. We will also be advertising the sessions in the rookie corporations and Rookie Help Chat channel during the event times.

Track: Player vs Player Combat
October 15, 17:00 UTC – Modules
October 17, 17:00 UTC – Fitting Your Ship
October 22, 17:00 UTC – Earning ISK
October 24, 17:00 UTC – The Overview and UI
October 29, 17:00 UTC – Piloting Your Ship
October 31, 17:00 UTC – Skills
November 5, 17:00 UTC – Crimewatch (Featuring live demonstrations)
November 7, 17:00 UTC – Combat Basics
November 12, 17:00 UTC – Teamwork
November 16, 17:00 UTC – PVP Fleet
November 18, 17:00 UTC – Progression: What’s Next?

Minutes before the first session started the channel had 134 people in it, this jumped to over 300 when the first session started, about 450 fifteen minutes in and almost 500 by the time CCP Eterne finished talking.

Full seminar text will be posted on the EVElopedia. This is a good thing as text was pushed off the screen after the seminar ended and chat was opened up for questions.

One note: https://wiki.eveonline.com/wikiEN/images/8/87/Propulsion.png
Isn't that supposed to be 100 km?

Overal I found it an informative session, even if there was some information overload at times.
Finally got to see CCP devs in the game as well.

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