Tuesday, October 1, 2013

EVE Online: Certificate changes

CCP Ytterbium posted a dev blog yesterday with details about the certificate system revamp.

Just my feedback here, anyone can read the full dev blog for themselves, no need to rephrase and repost the entire blog.

Certificates can no longer be set as public.
I liked setting non-pvp certificates public. It gives people a little idea of what my character focus is and might lower the barrier to approach me or ask questions.

Removal of redundant starter profession certificates.
They are redundant because they cannot be made public anymore. Was I the only player that ever looked at them? Did roleplayers have any use for them?

Automatic certificate claming.
Only now do I realize I should have trained basic certificates, claimed them and set them public. Then train the improved/elite certificate and do not claim it. That way people might think my character is an untrained alt and underestimate some skills despite his character age.

Ship masteries
Shield reinforcement and tackling certificates for a Megathron?
I understand maximizing anything that might be relevant for rank V mastery but it still looks a bit silly.

Corporation created certificates
Are these possible or will this be possible with a future release?
This is the real new news that will get people excited about this dev blog.

You want to fly the fleet doctrine fit?
Match this certificate to be eligible for ship reimbursement.

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