Tuesday, October 29, 2013

EVE Online: first FW experience

My first FW night was enjoyable but expensive, I have 3 lossmails to show for my time and with assistance managed to get one one kill.

I made this Talwar fit. It can fit either a warp scrambler or warp disruptor.

My first loss was against a sentinel. He did a lot more damage as I expected and he neuted me totally dry in just a few seconds. My biggest mistake was in shooting at his drones.
I totally forgot a sentinel has a 60m3 drone bay, he didn't even have to recall his drones, he just released new ones. He was keeping range so I couldn't hit him even with javelin rockets.


My second loss was against a vengeance and wolf. Only after combat did I realize the cormorant on grid was not hostile but also in militia... a minute later that at least was fixed.
I am just glad I didn't shoot that cormorant. Together we killed the vengeance, the wolf was undamaged as it popped the cormorant and I was already in half armor but engaged him anyway.
I think we both entered structure or low armor when my launchers burned out so he had no problems finishing me off. GF were exchanged. Very close and I wonder who would have won had I not burned out my launchers.

The kill: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20237671
The loss: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20237670

The two minmatar destroyer wrecks are mine. Sponge was the vengeance.

My last loss was a bit silly, I should have warped off when I saw multiple ships appear on dscan but there was a friendly firetail on grid as well and I didn't want to leave him to die if he engaged them. So I just overheated rockets again and started shooting an ishkur.

Then I died and called it a night.

Looking at damage received I am not sure that EANM is of much use. Perhaps the BCS is better, it proved a significant dps bonus.

A talwar is slow so I didn't go for a kitey fit but always closed range and applied web + scram.

At least I am now motivated to go earn isk. I need replacement ships because learning when to engage and how will only generate more lossmails before I get better.
Should I go for max dps fits to burn down an enemy as fast as possible or should I go for something tanky so I have more time to learn the engagement? I'll have to think about this.

Final note: find out what is wrong with my teamspeak. Minmatar militia formed a fleet and they were able to hear me but I couldn't hear them. Probably a wrong output device selected is my guess but I couldn't locate the problem in the time available.

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